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Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular roundup of the merchandise threatening to drain our bank accounts in the near future. This week: Carol Danvers keeps going higher, further, and merch-ier; the perfect Kirby desktop companion; and the First Order recruits an intriguing new soldier (in toy form, at least). Check it out!


Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Captain Marvel Figure

Mezco first showed off its 1:12 take on Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel at New York Toy Fair, but now the company has put out more pictures of all the oodles of extra accessories you’ll get with the figure. As well as two masked heads (one normal, one in Carol’s “Binary” mode) and one unmasked head, Carol comes with attachable FX pieces to replicate her photon blast superpowers, a USAF bomber jacket, interchangeable hands, and—of course—her very own little Goose the cat to pose with. She’ll set you back $80 when she releases in January of next year. [Mezco]


Kirby of the Stars USB Fan

Kirby was once our go-to fighter in Super Smash Bros., despite never actually playing any of HAL Laboratory’s excellent side-scrollers starring the pink blob. Known for his enormous lung capacity (we assume he has lungs?), there’s no better Nintendo character to turn into a USB-powered desktop fan, but for around $20 from Play-Asia (shipping sometime in July) we hope you can reverse the air flow on this so that Kirby does what Kirby does best: suck.

[h/t Japanese Nintendo]


Spin Master Air Hogs RC Upriser Ducati Motorcycle

Remote control motorcycles aren’t a new idea, but they typically need some forward momentum before they can stay up on two wheels. Spin Master teamed up with Ducati to create this miniature RC version of a Panigale V4 that can not only balance all by itself once turned on, but can also perform wheelie stunts on demand, even driving around on just one wheel. The magic comes from an omni-directional rear tire that allows the bike to make tiny side-to-side adjustments for balance, or roll in any direction with the front wheel off the ground. It can also hit speeds of over 12 MPH, which might help you justify its $150 price tag once it’s available this fall.


Toy Story Shufflerz Walking Collectibles

If you prefer your collectible figurines actually did something besides collecting dust on a shelf, Disney’s introducing a new line called Shufflerz, featuring characters from Toy Story that are reminiscent of wind-up walking toys from a bygone era. They essentially do the same thing, but instead of winding a knob, you push down on each character 10 times to power them up and send them shuffling with tiny steps across your desk. They’re each available for $13 from Disney’s online store, and include characters Woody, Buzz, Rex, Bo Peep, and a claw-obsessed Space Alien.


Disney Parks Exclusive Star Wars Black Series First Order Pack

Heading on over to a Disney park soon to...maybe check out a certain slice of the galaxy far, far away? Well, before you step into the world of Batuu, Hasbro wants to tempt you to other areas of the park to pick up this collection of First Order figures that will be exclusively available. The “Four” pack generously counts a mouse droid as the extra figure and not an accessory, but otherwise the set includes 6-inch figures of Kylo Ren (masked but otherwise as he appears early on in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, with his tunic and cape); Star Wars Resistance’s Commander Pyre clad in all-gold armor; and most intriguingly, a brand new Stormtrooper: the “Mountain Trooper,” which looks like a First Order hybrid of Rogue One’s Imperial Combat Assault Tank Pilots and Shoretroopers.

Given Black Spire Outpost’s rocky environs, a Mountain Trooper would make sense wandering around Galaxy’s Edge, but maybe we’ll get to see some of them in action in Star Wars: Episode IX. Either way, if you want the figure of the new design, for now you’ll have to make your way to a Disney park. [Toyark]


Thor’s Mjoinir Toilet Paper Holder

Few of us are worthy enough to lift and wield Thor’s Mjoinir hammer, but what do you do when the son of Odin forgets his trusty tool in the bathroom after unloading a Ragnarök? Assuming it hasn’t crushed your porcelain, the only real solution is to turn it into a toilet paper holder. If, for some reason, you’re intentionally doing an Avengers-themed bathroom makeover, over on Etsy, 3Dvisualsanddesignco will sell you a 3D-printed Mjoinir hammer replica for $50, with your choice of three engraved messages.


[h/t TheGreenHead]