Even Lex Luthor Is Getting A New Look In DC Comics

It’s not just DC’s superheroes that are getting makeovers in the new post-Convergence comic books, dubbed “DC You”; the villains are too! Just as rumors have begun to swirl that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will don his iconic green and purple powersuit in Batman v Superman, the comic Lex is upgrading to look that’s a bit more cyberpunk.

The revelation comes from one of DC’s latest preview comics for their post-Convergence publishing shakeups, this time for Batman/Superman, which sees Superman and the new Batman come to blows following Superman’s identity crisis. Eventually, Lex steps in to offer help, revealing his nifty new look:


Half-fingerless robo gloves? Bulky powersuit replaced by a trench coat? Fabulous neon green shades? Lex just got the call that cyberpunk is a hot aesthetic right now, and he is loving it.

Is it just me that the gem-like look to those shades make it look like they could be Kryptonite-lensed? Which, if true, is the exact sort of dumb comic book thing I can get behind.

As ever, you can head on over to the DC Blog to read the 10 new preview mini comics, including the new Batman Beyond, plus Gotham Academy, Suicide Squad and more.

[via Comic Book]


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