Even He-Man Has A Comic Book Multiverse Now

Multiverses! Don’t you know the key to comic book superstardom is an interconnected mess of alternate realities? Everyone has one, whether they’re tearing them up into a zillion pieces or slowly stitching them back together for the umpteenth time. The latest Comic to jump on the bandwagon? Why, He-Man, of course.

Minor spoilers for DC’s He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #14 below.

DC’s current ongoing series of He-Man comics has been doing a pretty good job of delivering the sort of He-Man experience you’d want — nostalgic, but obviously evolved from the relative, toy-shilling pleasure of the classic cartoon. Recently, it’s featured Skeletor a bit down and out, to the point that he even managed to fall through the cracks of reality and see that... well, this:


Yup. That’s Marvel’s old Skeletor, iPhone game Skeletor, both 1983 and 2002 cartoon versions, and... the Skeletor action figure? Wait, hold the phone — did Skeletor just acknowledge that there’s a universe where He-Man and pals are literally the old action figures? Like, they go around in those goofy poses with their five points of articulation, doing stuff?

Okay. I started down on this — multiversity shenanigans are usually more harm than good, and does it really bring anything to He-Man to have this sort of thing in the comics? But that’s something I can get behind. That’s completely ridiculous and I want there to be new comics set in this alternate action figure reality.

Hell, now I want to know why DC and Marvel’s mulitiverses don’t have an action figure-based universe. Get on it, people. He-Man has you beat in this regard.

[Image via Bleeding Cool]


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