The recently departed H.R. Giger is well known for his sculpture and his illustrations, but he was also a bit of a photographer, chronicling his work, life, and friendships though a personal collection of Polaroid pictures.

The book H.R. Giger: Polaroids collects Giger's photographs, which range from manipulated self-portraits to reference photos of models posed with alien props and behind-the-scenes documentation of his work. Some of the photos have been modified by Giger—he would paint, draw, or scratch over the Polaroids to create new images. Other photos simply show his unadulterated—but always surreal—eye on the world.

You can see more of Giger's photographs (including a slightly NSFW one involving two of his models and a Xenomorph head) over at 032c and you can nab the book through Antenne Books.


H.R. GIGER's Private Life Was Just as Dark, Sexy, and Pop as His Art [032c via Nerdcore]

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