Even Friends Will Hunt You Down in the Jungle Book Trailer

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We’ve been waiting for the animals other than Kaa to get significant dialogue in Jungle Book forever now. And we’ve finally got it. Bill Murray’s Baloo is great. Christopher Walken’s King Louie is... Christopher Walken.


Disney seems to be referencing another animal movie of theirs with Shere Khan’s animal assembly. Just saying.

Also, that’s one rockin’ version of “Bare Necessities” in this thing:

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Looks okay - the CGI looks very dodgy in spots, but amazing in others. It’s just a trailer, so I’ll reserve judgment on that.

The one thing I have a problem with though is Kaa. Is it me or the reading of that one line was terrible? It was flat and emontionless, as if she was read it off a cue card.