Even Dark Superfans Will Appreciate Netflix's 10-Minute Catch-Up Video

Dark indeed goes to some dark places.
Dark indeed goes to some dark places.
Image: Netflix

Netflix is framing this Dark recap video as a useful tool for viewers who’ve decided to just go ahead and jump on into the hit show’s third and final season when it debuts on Friday. However, even the most ardent Dark fans could benefit from this crash refresher course, because Dark can be confusing as hell!


Seriously, unless you’ve very recently binged seasons one and two of the German-language inter-generational parallel-universes missing-children time-travel saga (and maybe even if you have done so), check out the video to enhance your enjoyment of the new episodes.

A year ago the show’s creators came right out and said the final season will offer answers to the questions that our viewers have been asking and help untangle the story through time,” so hopefully that means both longtime fans and newcomers alike can anticipate a satisfying finish for Dark’s many compelling mysteries.

Dark returns to Netflix on June 27.

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