EVE Online Goes To War

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The uneasy peace shared by four massive galactic empires has shattered as the EVE Online MMORPG enters a new era of conflict. Corporations, mercenary groups and freelancers are joining faction militias and star systems have turned into battlegrounds with the release of Empyrean Age, the latest EVE expansion. Battles won and lost by the game's players will change the shape of EVE Online's sprawling virtual galaxy.


EVE Online has long been known for having one of the most complex economic systems of any MMORPG, and for being visually stunning. It is a pleasure to simply fly around the many star systems and take in the scenery, though you will eventually get your ass handed to you by pirates. With Empyrean Age, freebooters have become the least of your problems. Even high-security systems have fallen into the conflict, and everyone is choosing sides. Players have the opportunity to advance in ranks through their chosen militia by accepting missions from their warfare agent. Taking over a system control bunker will give your faction control of the system, but it will take a highly coordinated assault to get the job done. The expansion also opens a new region of space, The Black Rise. Fighting for control of these 49 new systems will affect the future shape of EVE Online. The war drums are beating (even though no one can hear them, on account of the vacuum). Image by: CCP.

War Is Coming: Empyrean Age. [CCP Games]


Ed Grabianowski

Well, that's the realism of it. Yeah, if you go wandering around in your little mining ship, you're going to get picked off. But there are secure systems where you can earn some money at first, then you can hire someone to act as an escort for more dangerous missions, or join a corporation. Safety in numbers. And you *can* go to the cool parts of the playground, you're just nervous the whole time. Which is actually rather exciting, trying to get something accomplished knowing you may have to dodge pirates and make a warp jump at a moment's notice.

Did you guys think space was going to be safe and friendly?