Evangelion Creator Hideaki Anno To Co-Direct Japan's New Godzilla Movie

Illustration for article titled iEvangelion/i Creator Hideaki Anno To Co-Direct Japans New Godzilla Movie

Although this news dropped in Japan yesterday, it does not appear to be any sort of April Fool’s Day nonsense. Variety is reporting that Toho Studios’ new Godzilla movie will be co-directed by anime legend Hideaki Anno, along with the art above. But it’s Godzilla’s other director that has us really excited.


Shinji Higuchi will be Anno’s co-director. He may be best known as the director of the live-action Attack on Titan film coming out in Japan later this year, but kaiju fans will likely revere him as the special effects director for the three Gamera films of the late ‘90s, widely considered three of the best-looking giant monster movies ever made. For just one example, please check out this scene from Gamera: Revenge of Iris, in which Gamera’s ridiculous flying mode (flames bursts from the limb holes in his shell is somehow turned into something badass:

Anno is good, but giving Higuchi the reins to the King of the Monsters? This should be fantastic.


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Rob Bricken

Man, I wish I could find the clip of Gamera's spin landing, because it's way awesomer.