One of the more unexpected - and most welcome - comic stories to come from last weekend's Comic-Con was the announcement that Devil's Due Publishing has partnered with European publisher Humanoids to bring some of their best stories to American audiences, starting with Nazi-science-gone-wrong tale I Am Legion and dark humor book The Zombies Who Ate the World. But what makes Devil's Due's latest attempt different from similar- and failed- ventures by DC Comics and Humanoids themselves?For one thing, Devil's Due is being smarter about the format: each European album is being broken down into regular US-style comic books in initial publication before being collected again later, as opposed to the previous attempts to get fans and retailers excited about paying more for a bigger chunk of something that they know nothing about. And for another, they're also being smarter about the material chosen to (re)introduce the line to American audiences. While the Humanoids line - which spun out of Metal Hurlants, the original version of Heavy Metal magazine - has an incredibly impressive back catalog of SF and fantasy material, Devil's Due is playing it cool by choosing material produced by familiar American creators to bring in the US audience: I Am Legion is drawn by Planetary and Astonishing X-Men's John Cassaday, while The Zombies Who Ate The World is illustrated by BRPD's Guy Davis.


Both series launch in November, with work by Kurt Busiek and Butch Guice, amongst others, waiting to follow. Devil's Due Partners With Humanoids [ICv2]

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