Europe Sees Trek Footage, But Klingons Stay Hidden

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More people have seen footage from next year's Star Trek reboot, this time in Rome, as director JJ Abrams continues a European tour of the footage unveiled in London earlier this week. While we're happy that Abrams is getting out and about after an extended stay in the editing bay preparing the movie, we're wondering when American audiences will get to see what lies in store for us next May. But at least he's sharing what we won't be seeing this time around - Namely, Klingons.Abrams told Empire Magazine that there's a reason that he went for the Romulans as the movie's big bad aliens:

The Romulans were … what was interesting to me was that it wasn’t the Klingons. That’s what you expect and it was fun to use the Romulans the way we did. Part of the fact is that they hadn’t seen them for so many years, so that it immediately breaks, for anyone who knows, the rules of Trek to start the movie and have Romulans crossing paths with Starfleet. It jumps in breaking the rules, which I think is kind of fun. That’s not to say it’s not explained and it’s not consistent with canon, given our story... but it felt like we had seen so many iterations of Klingons done that this felt like a way to do something in the familiar vernacular but not so familiar that it felt overdone.


Which isn't to say that we'll be entirely devoid of Klingons in next year's much-anticipated reboot, he went on to explain. It's just that we may have to wait for the DVD to see more of them:

You will see Klingon Warbirds in the movie. Maybe not in the way you expect, but you will see them... There was a big Klingon subplot in this and we actually ended up having to pull it out because it confused the story in a way that I thought was very cool but unnecessary. So we have these beautiful designs that we’re going to have to wait and do elsewhere I guess.


Is that "elsewhere" as in "DVD extras," or "elsewhere" as in "Star Trek II"? Only time - and box office - will tell. [Associated Press]

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Just saw the bootleg up on WWTDD, looks pretty damn solid to me. Except the beginning where he (intentionally?) drives a car off the Grand Canyon. ... Hunh?