Mad-science-ville show Eureka is back on Sci Fi tonight, and we had a chance to talk to star Colin Ferguson and producer Jaime Paglia the other night. Ferguson shared some insights about why straight-and-narrow sheriff Carter might have so many bohemian relatives. Click through to find out what's going to be new and different in Eureka season three.

The first half of my talk with Colin Ferguson got cut off, but it went something like this. I asked him about the fact that Jack Carter's rebellious sister, Lexxie, is coming to town. How is it that the strait-laced Jack has a rebellious daughter and a rebellious sister? Ferguson responded that Jack is actually the rebel — the only conservative one in a family of bohemians. Like Michael J. Fox's character in Family Ties?, I asked. That's exactly how he sees the character: like Alex Keaton, Ferguson said.

I followed up by asking: So is Sheriff Carter sort of a co-dependent figure? He spends a lot of time cleaning up after the messes that everyone else in town makes. Ferguson laughed and said, pretty much. And that's where the video started working, apparently.


Ferguson: Pretty much.

io9: And you're keeping it together for them.

Ferguson: Yeah, I think so. If you look at how he likes to work in town, he's a law guy, but he sort of thinks outside the box, and and I think that's the way it works best, anyway.


io9: And I know it's going to be more funny on Eureka this year? It was darker last year.

Ferguson: Yeah, we're going lighter this year. I think they went really dark last year, and not that it was right or wrong, and now they're like, we're going to go lighter.


io9: One last question. Do you think the show is going to get away from doing homages to things, the way it does now?

Ferguson: I don't know. I think we use that as one of our templates. You sort of have your five or six templates that you go to, and one of them is the serialized aspect of the show, and another one is sort of, people look at their favorite type of movies and they go like, "What's our version of that? What can we do with that?" And that's really fun to act. You can play out all sorts of fantasies.


And then we got to talk to producer Jaime Paglia:

io9: So I understand season three of the show is going to be less dark?

Paglia: Yeah, I think so. Season two, I definitely wanted to do justice to the storyline with Henry, and it was sort of a dark place that he was going to, and we had to sort of push boundaries with that storyline. And we had to, I think, push boundaries in that direction. There are times that we may have gone a little darker than our tone would normally be. To me, if there's a theme for season three, it's renewal. We're renewing old friendships and relationships, and putting to bed some of the past darkness for some of our characters as those demons are kind of dealt with, so getting back to the light side of Eureka was kind of a goal, and it's going to be kind of fun.


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