Eureka's New Mysteries, Doctor Who's Grand Resolution

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The Sci Fi Channel loves you! This week, for one week only, you can almost pretend it's a real TV season, thanks to the final episode of Doctor Who overlapping with the first episode of Eureka and a new Stargate Atlantis. But that's not all - you can enrich your seasonal delusions with a new Middleman and a new Fear Itself, plus some awe-inspiring science programming. Monday It's another fantastic episode of The Middleman tonight at 10 PM on ABC Family. We showed you an exclusive clip from this episode the other day, and we're excited to see the whole thing. This is the episode we've all been waiting for — the one where the Middleman takes Wendy's roommate Lacey out on a date. Finally, all that unresolved sexual tension will be resolved! Note that I didn't say "happily resolved." Also, there's a "cursed tuba" from the Titanic. And yes, that does sound a bit goofy. Tuesday Eureka is back! Tonight's season opener introduces a new character - Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher), who comes in as a corporate efficiency expert, sent to improve the profitability of Global Dynamics. In the process, we may learn more about why that company is the source of so much of the chaos in the town of Eureka. That's on Sci Fi at 9 PM. And you can prepare for the new Eureka hotness by watching (or TiVoing) a Eureka marathon, all day during the day on Sci Fi. And here's a trailer:

Also at 9 PM on your local PBS station (maybe), there's a Nova episode that appears to be new. It's about the "Car Of The Future," and it's hosted by the Car Talk guys, who are so much more enjoyable when they're not animated. They delve into alternative fuel sources, including biodiesel, hydrogen fuel cells and electricity. Movies: AMC busts out with three classic (but oft-shown) scifi movies in a row: Escape From New York at 6 PM, TimeCop at 8, and Species at 10. AMC has also been showing the Planet Of The Apes movies a lot, but now it's showing a bunch of them all at once. Today, it's Escape at midnight and Conquest at 2 AM, followed by the 1966 Batman at 3:30 AM. Also, Sci Fi is showing She Creature, starring Rufus Sewell, at 3 AM. Dude! Rufus and the She Creature. How can it fail? Wednesday There's a new MonsterQuest on the History Channel, focusing on the "Legend Of The Hairy Beast." I think I ran into that guy at Comic-Con. Here's the deets:

Native American history is full of "Hairy Man" stories and cave art that date back over a thousand years. Did Native Americans know the truth behind the Bigfoot legend? An expedition along the Klamath River into reservation land will use state of the art technology to search for something locals don't doubt is real. With unprecedented access to Native American stories and recent sightings, MonsterQuest examines this creature that is both feared and revered.


Or if you want something a bit more serious, PBS has a new Nova ScienceNOW around the same time:

Explore new discoveries about brain trauma, watch a tribute to the late "cancer warrior" Judah Folkman, follow the Phoenix mission to Mars, and delve into a mystery of truly mammoth proportions.

Maybe it's not quite as rocking as a Eureka marathon, but today Sci Fi is showing episodes of Dark Angel all day. Movies: The AMC Apes marathon continues with the original Planet at 11:30 AM and Beneath at 2 PM. Thursday The horror anthology show Fear Itself returns with "Skin And Bones," directed by Larry Fessenden. There's basically one reason to watch this episode: it stars Doug Jones, from Hellboy and a million other great movies. And here's the skinny:

When a cattle herder returns to his farm after being lost in the woods for days, he just doesn't seem the same. Soon, we realize that he is in fact possessed by a terrifying monster, forcing his family to kill their own husband and father in order to save themselves!

Today and tomorrow, Sci Fi is showing an Outer Limits marathon. Movies: TCM has They Came From Beyond Space at 2 PM. Friday It's the end of Doctor Who season four. Everything has been leading up to this! And I'm not just talking about everything this season, or even just everything on Doctor Who. Everything, from the Big Bang to the Profumo Scandal to the invention of the Segway, has been leading up to this episode. All of your questions - about everything in the universe - will be answered. Note the earlier start time: Because it takes a little more time to answer all of your questions about everything, the episode is 90 minutes long with commercials, and starts at 8:30 on Sci FI. Oh, and here's a clip:

And then at 10 PM, there's a new Stargate Atlantis, also on Sci Fi. It's the "Daedalus Variations," where the team is trapped in an alternate reality they never made. And here's a preview: And just a reminder that Sci Fi is showing Outer Limits episodes all day today. Movies: Is The Fog science fiction? It stars Tom Welling, and it's about deadly fog, or foggy dead. Or something. Anyway, it's on the CW at 8 PM. And IFC has Cube at 9 PM. Saturday Movies: USA has M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable at 3 PM, a reminder of a time when that movie's title could be used to describe Shyamalan's winning streak. Also, did you like Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight? Then experience him in the criminally underrated The Core, a fluffy but fun adventure yarn about drilling to the center of the Earth, on FX at 5 PM. That's followed at 8 by the just-plain-criminal Fantastic Four, also on FX. TBS has the bizarrely entertaining Doom at 10:30, followed by the original Predator at 12:30 AM. Sunday There's another new Venture Bros. on the Cartoon Network at 11:30, called "The Lepidopteriot." As usual, very little info is available about the episode in advance, except for the intriguing title. And then there's a new Metalocalypse at midnight: "Snakes & Barrels" (part 1 of 2): "Pickles finds out that Snakes 'n' Barrels reunited and are promoting sobriety at their shows." Also, it looks like the TV Guide Channel is running a documentary about Comic-Con, touring the con's exhibitions and events, at various times during the day today.



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@AlfaCharger: I didn't think Nova was running new eps now... but the San Diego paper had it listed as a "weekly pick" and highlighted it with a paragraph about how exciting it was. So I thought maybe it was new after all.