Not too long ago, Eureka and Warehouse 13 were Syfy's flagship shows: light, family-friendly action comedies about smart, nice people who worked together to solve problems. Now Eureka is gone and Warehouse 13 is ending soon. We talked to Eureka's Colin Ferguson about the "end of an era."


"Talk about a rebranding," Ferguson says about the change in Syfy's lineup. "Those are the two comedic shows that, I guess, were the base of the network for a while. So [now] they've got to be doing different things. Helix is coming out. And Defiance is more hardcore science fiction."

Ferguson doesn't exactly sit in on Syfy's strategy meetings, so he can't say if the channel is trying to move away from light-hearted family fare towards slightly grittier, more adult storytelling. "All I know is, those two shows are gone, and it's a shame." Because he loves that genre of show.


Adds Ferguson: "One of the greatest compliments that we get is when people say, 'Oh, I watch this show with my grandkids, and it's the only show that my kids and I watch together.' And the fact that they're losing those... I hope those people have something to watch with their grandkids."

Eureka still had a ton of storytelling potential when it ended. And Ferguson says he believes the fifth season was the show's best, overall. "But it's sort of nice to go out on top, for us. To do the best stuff that we ever did, and then be done? We can pretend that we were that good the whole time. You can be like, [does silly voice] 'We were that good always!'"

"I'm still holding out hope that they'll bring [Eureka] back for a miniseries or a movie," Ferguson adds. "All the cast, we still hang out, we still see each other all the time. So it would be nice to get paid to hang out."

We suggested that since Eureka and Warehouse 13 crossed over a bunch, you could do a new show featuring characters from both shows. "Eureka 13!" Ferguson says. It could feature people from Eureka finding artifacts "and then explaining them. Deconstructing them." The Eureka gang could explain the weird science behind all the artifacts in the Warehouse. "That would be kind of awesome," says Ferguson. "Take a meeting. Pitch it!"


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