Eureka Dabbles In Darkness

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No more soft shoeing and singing "Won't You Be My Neighbor," for the citizens of Eureka. If you haven't heard, this week the little genius town was in for a big fat upset. The usually fun and lighthearted series took a startling turn for the darker with a tragic surprise. Click through to discuss the major spoiler from this week's episode "I Do Over." Smarmy Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) was killed off this week in a flurry of particle matter, leaving a speechless Carter - and a whole lotta fans - saying WTF? This weeks episode marked the remarriage of Stark to his ex, Dr. Allison Blake (Salli Richardson). But then, only four episodes into the season, the Sci Fi Channel gods saw fit to get rid of the middle guy in between the main character Sheriff Carter and Blake's flirtations. Sheriff Carter awoke to find himself stuck in a time loop on Blake and Stark's wedding day. After Carter discovered the source of the problem and convinced Stark on his 5th or 6th rotation through the day that he wasn't crazy, Stark realized that if he didn't stop the time loop everyone would die. Of course everything goes wrong at the very last minute and Stark has to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Because even though Carter volunteers to stop the crisis, he doesn't have the mental capacity to stand in a glass chamber and smirk (which was really all Stark did to save Eureka).

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While I'm not entirely opposed to the death of Stark, it was the manner in which they went about axeing this character that rubbed me the wrong way. Stark is the drop-dead gorgeous ego-fueled foil to the lovable doe-eyed Carter. He needed to go out with a bang, a big bang. Instead, he stepped into a glass case and de-generated into little bits. He deserved to go out in a much more fantastic way. It happened so quickly, you couldn't even believe he was gone. And let's admit it, you know he's not. As with all scifi nowadays, no one ever dies. And since we didn't see the charred remains of Stark's good-lookin' hide, I'm guessing he'll be back. But his absence leaves a huge opening for Carter to swoop in and get with Dr. Blake. And I'm assuming right when they're good and comfortable, that's when Stark will reappear. He said it himself before he left, "I'll see you around, Jack." But for now, we're back to wacky mummies in next week's episode. Sigh. Why couldn't they have killed Fargo instead? Now that would have been interesting.

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The character of Stark was originally requested by the Sci Fi channel after the Eureka pilot. They wanted more of a foil between Carter and Blake.

I wouldn't be surprised if in the (apparently) infinite stupidity of the execs at Sci Fi, that they now have asked to have Stark written off.

I would guess, in fact, that since Eureka is the ONLY GOOD SHOW SCIFI HAS LEFT, that this means that they must now muck with it until it ABSOLUTELY SUCKS AND IS THEN CANCELED.