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Etta Candy Is on a Mission in the First Clip From Wonder Woman's New Epilogue

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman was a delightful movie, but it could definitely have done with much more Etta Candy, the golden age comics superstar played in the film by Lucy Davis. The good news is, the upcoming home release of the film is going to have Etta in spades—including a new short that brings the supporting cast back together.


Epilogue: Etta’s Mission sees Candy recruit Steve’s team from the movie—Sameer, Charlie, and Chief—for a new post-war adventure: recovering an ancient and mystical artifact from the Western front and delivering it to the Americans. Check out the first clip from the shot below, courtesy of Yahoo:


According to director Patty Jenkins, the plan for the epilogue came after filming on the movie concluded. Given that there was little in the way of cut footage after editing, it acted as a fun way to advance the world of the movie after the events of the film and give the audience more of the supporting cast:

It was conceived after we wrapped. There were no cut scenes in the movie, basically, which I’m very happy about, because you can’t always do that. I’m very hard on the script before we go in, and you’re always hoping for that — that you’re not wasting your precious days. We got lucky on this one, that that was the case. And every single one of us wished that Etta was in every scene, as well as the team. We were like, ‘Can we just put them in everything?’ They were just so great!

Plus, more Etta Candy is always good in our books. Hopefully she gets to punch a guy or six on this mission! Wonder Woman releases digitally tomorrow, August 29, with the Blu-ray release coming on September 19.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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