ESPN Embraces Change, Confuses Viewers

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Marvel's "Embrace Change" advertising campaign for the last couple of months of their Secret Invasion event made the leap onto the small screen last night, with a new television commercial running on - of all places - ESPN. Just in case you weren't watching the Bricktown Showdown, we've got the ad for you right here.Click to view We've spoken to the man in charge of this campaign before, Marvel's Mike Pasciullo, who told us that the campaign was created to get non-comic readers interested in the series... but still, we can't help but wonder what basketball fans made of being told about visitors from beyond the stars coming to help us out of the mess that we've made of our existence. Embrace Change []


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Aidan_ III: The Return

That's, uh...that's some really poor marketing, I gotta say.

Forget the fact that it's on ESPN. Even if it was on CBS or some other benign channel, if I didn't follow comics I'd have no idea what that was about and would think it was a joke or disregard it. Need a way bigger Marvel logo at the least to get people to know this is a comic book.