In Hollywood's continuing crusade to ruin everything that's good, the remake of John Carpenter's urban scifi classic is moving forward with a new director on board.

For the record, Breck Eisner is a good director. The Crazies was full of style and creep, and while Sahara was horrible, it's unclear how much of that was his fault. So what gives us pause about the news that Eisner's signed on for New Line's remake of the Kurt Russell swaggerathon isn't Eisner — it's that the remake is proceeding at all. See, we were kinda hoping it was dead, especially when Gerard Butler — who has squandered his geek goodwill like nobody's business — was going to star.


But the nouveau Escape from New York is back, reconfigured as something of a prequel which will tell Snake Plisskin's origin story while dovetailing with the President's crash on the prison island of Manhattan. The $50 million question is: Who really wants to know where Snake Plisskin came from? The beauty of that character was that he just emerged, fully formed, from the haze of urban myth and combat legend with an elusive backstory only spoken of, but never seen...and nothing ruins myth or legend faster than explaining it.

(Via Heat Vision)