Erotic Anthology Explores the Steamy Side of Steampunk

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Science fiction erotica press Circlet has just released Like Clockwork, its second anthology of sexy steampunk stories. So just how steamy can steampunk be? Check out a sample below.


Like Clockwork is the second volume of Edwardian-themed erotica from Cecilia Tan's Circlet Press, following A Wisp of Steam. This volume features seven tales about clockwork creations and the fleshy folks with whom they copulate.

Elizabeth Schechter's "The Succubus," for example, centers on mechanical prostitute who suffers extreme loneliness because no patron every visits her more than once:

"But… it's clockwork!" he blurts out, stepping into the room. He looks around, expecting to see a living woman. But, of course, there is no one else in the room.

Madame sniffs slightly, "Of course she is. I did explain that to you, did I not?"

Lord Hathaway has the grace to look embarrassed, "You did, but… the others all look… alive. This one…" he gestures wildly.

"She was the first, created by my late husband," Madame says, walking over to my couch. She brushes her nails over my shoulder and continues, "The others came later, and I refined the forms to make them more… approachable. Despite her form, the Succubus is the most complex of all the automatons."

"How can that be? It looks like a statue!" He takes a step toward the couch and points at me. "It is a statue!"

Madame runs her fingers over my gleaming silver skull, "Oh, this is just the focal point, Your Lordship. The Succubus encompasses this room."

He looks around, his eyes wide, "The whole room?"

"The whole of this floor, actually. As I said, she is very complex." Madame makes her way back to the wall and stands near the bell-rope. "Now, it is customary for the first appointment to be with the Succubus. Did your brother not tell you this?"

Lord Hathaway shakes his head. "All Reg told me was that I would not believe what I found here. He wouldn't say more." He swallows, looking nervously at the figure on the couch, and then back at Madame, "Is it safe?"

Madame laughs, "My dear sir, you'll be as safe here as in your own mother's arms, if that is your desire."

Both A Wisp of Steam and Like Clockwork are available as digital downloads, and will be joined by a third volume, Like a Corset Undone in September.

[Circlet Press]


I would thank the author heartily if said author did not bring to mind images of my mothers arms in the middle of a sex story.