Ernie Hudson Joins Ghostbusters On The Last Day Of Shooting

Illustration for article titled Ernie Hudson Joins iGhostbusters /iOn The Last Day Of Shooting

Ghostbusters wrapped its shoot yesterday and was joined by one of the remaining actors from the original movies: Ernie Hudson!


Director Paul Feid tweeted out the news yesterday:


Hudson, writing on his own twitter account, seemed pretty excited to be included:

Hudson joined Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray for a cameo. No word yet on whether or not we’ll see Harold Ramis make an appearance from beyond the grave.

[Twitter, via Comic Book Movie]

Image credit: AP Images


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Ah hope this means he genuinely took back his earlier comments about this film.

“I hope that if they go that way at least [the actresses] be funny, and if they’re not funny, at least hopefully it’ll be sexy.”

Or maybe he is still hoping for the sexy thing.