New scifi thriller Blank Slate delves into the minds of the undead. The TNT miniseries follows a team of FBI agents as they attempt to solve crimes by putting the memories of the deceased into the minds of the living. Actress Lisa Brenner (The Pledge) plays Anne, a young woman with amnesia who works with Sullican (Eric Stoltz) and Miles Clancy Brown solving mysteries. Producing is Dean Devlin (Stargate and Independence Day), who's described the show as a, "drastically segmented TV movie." Click through for more info.

Blank Slate will air on two consecutive days of the week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays). The tentative air date is in September, 2008. This show may also be the first of its kind: Devlin has devised a new way to limit commercials and infuse product placement into this scifi movie, battling the Tivo and DVR fast forwarding problem for advertisers.


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