We've been holding onto these interviews we snagged for the momentous True Blood finale. Find out why Steve and Jason were so handsy, Eric raises an eye and talks wigs and Stackhouse author Charlaine Harris blushes about sex.

Enjoy seeing Vampire Eric as a REAL PERSON? I know, so jarring. But take a little time out with the creators before we cross the river of bloody vampire tears into this weekend and watch our final True Blood for months.


Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) and Charlaine Harris:

There's been a lot of deviations from the books. How do you feel about what they've done this year to branch out from your books?


Charlene: Well I think it provides two forms of entertainment instead of one; I'm all for it, I love the differences. I like to be surprised -

Sam: And she is!

Charlene: And I am!

What's been the biggest surprise, the biggest change that you were happiest about in the series?

C: Oh, Jessica. Without a doubt I thought, "Oh, I wish i had done that." She's brilliant, it's brilliant to give Bill a child.

Sam keeps trying to leave town; is he ever going to get out of town?

S: He tries. He tries to get out of town. He's very loyal to Bon Temps, he's a very protective person and I think that ultimately he knows that he can't leave people hanging. And that's basically where he's at right now. So Sam's ... sticking around.


I don't think it can get any sexier, but it always manages to surprise me. What are we in store for, how do you blow our legs off?

S: Charlene's like, "I don't know if I want to hear the answer to that!"

But you wrote it!

C: That's true, that's true.

S: Yes she did, she created the whoooole thing.

C: Some days I go, "Ohh!"

S: That's right your family watches this. And you created this. It gets really crazy.


True Blood has really hit its stride this year. ... Are you guys a little intimidated by all the other vampire copycats that have come out of the woodwork, like Vampire Diaries or I Heart Vampires?

S: No. We wish them the best but -

C: No. This is an excellent show and I think quality will always rise.

Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian)

People seem to love Steve Newlin. I've been told I'm creepy and hateable but out on the floor at Comic Con there's been nothing but love, I have to say. I think people are just so excited, thankfully, by the characters on the show. I think it's the kind of show where the bad guys are just as fun to watch as the good guys. And who's to say that Steven is really a bad guy.


What's up with you and Jason, I feel like there was a lot of unnecessary touching going between you two?

You think so? Well Jason is a very magnetic personality. Obviously he caught the eye of Mrs. Newlin. I just think Steve is so infatuated with how popular and capable Jason is. I think well we'll see where it goes. I think it's a lot of fun. I like flirting with danger as an actor for lack of a better term. And it became really apparent to me really quickly that there really is something about Jason that Steve is drawn to. If you are familiar with the books and you know the future to Jason's character, it's sort of a subtle wink to an aspect about he and Sookie.


Vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgård)

One of the favorite fan things was you coming down the stairs with the highlights in. Whose idea was that to put your hair in highlights?


It was Alan Ball's.

And how'd he tell you to go with that whole scene?

Well, I was wearing a wig ... and we all felt that maybe it was time to get rid of it. And they kinda needed a way to get rid of it, and came up with that, and I just kinda loved it; I thought it was a great idea.


We finally saw a little bit of your backstory, with Godric. Are we going to get more flashbacks with you?

I truly hope so. We have like ... I wanted more stuff with me and Godric, I thought that would be fun. Because Allan Hyde, the guy that plays Godric, is really good, a really fun guy, and he'd be fun to ... I mean Eric and Godric hung around for almost a thousand years together and had a lot of fun together so I think there's definitely a possibility for more flashbacks.


Tell us more about Eric. He seems so fed up with humanity and yet constantly finds himself in the throes between vampire and human conflicts.

I think he's kind of in general over humanity, he's kind of like, they're not very interesting to him. He's kind of like, whatever, they're kind of naive and that interaction doesn't give him anything at all. But Sookie's obviously different; there's something interesting about her and he doesn't really know what it is and I think that kind of triggers him.


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