Former stars of NBC's ER are moving over to genre shows. David Lyons will play the lead in The Cape, a cop who becomes a masked hero to clear his name. And other ER stars are joining two other shows.

Meanwhile, ER's Shane West will play the male lead in The CW's Nikita, a revamp of the movie and TV series La Femme Nikita. West plays Michael, who recruits a new superspy/assassin Nikita (Maggie Q) to help him track down the original Nikita, who's gone rogue from their top-secret government organization.


And ER's Laura Innes joined the cast of NBC's The Event, which may or may not turn out to have science-fictional elements. Innes plays the leader of the inmates of a top-secret Alaska prison, the Mount Inostranka Facility. And whatever is going on at that facility, it's part of a conspiracy so huge, the evildoers in the government are willing to assassinate the president to cover it up. (Bizarre scientific experiments? We can only hope.) [The Futon Critic]