Epic Supervillains Ready To Devastate Paragon City

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Summon your robot spiders, fire off your long fang attack, then unleash the Omega Maneuver. Or just fry your enemies' brains with a psionic blast. Whatevs. Villainous MMORPGers will have a few new ways to strive for global domination when City of Heroes/City of Villains releases the Wolf Spider and Blood Widow epic villain classes later this spring. The new archetypes are part of Issue 12: Midnight Hour, the latest free content pack and upgrade for the venerable superhero MMORPG. Check out the trailer below for the lowdown on epic villain archetypes.


Branching level paths, new powers and unique costume options for villains are just a few of the additions in store for CoH fans. Episode 12 will also feature a set of missions that will send heroes and villains through time to ancient Rome to aid the Midnight Squad. New super powers will be unlocked for the game's pre-existing archetypes, and a host of tweaks and improvements to gameplay will make it even easier to save (or destroy, as you prefer) Paragon City.

If anyone wants to go heroing with an io9er, stop by Infinity server and say hi to Cyber Sabre. Electric blasters rule. Image by: NCSoft.

Issue 12: Midnight Hour. [NCSoft]


Corpore Metal

As a genre reader and a long time P&P RPG hobbyist, the premise of CoH/V always seemed a little easier for me to believe than WoW. It reminds me of Alan Moore's Top Ten series.

I've been playing off and on for nearly two years now at a friend's (Even though the subscription is on my card?!) house because my own machines were just too primitive to run it.

I haven't leveled past 14 due to my sporadic play and the fact that I keep inventing new superheroes and villains that I want to run. This spreads my work out over a lot of characters. I just love inventing origin stories!

Maybe I'll see some of you on the Infinity servers. I've got too many names to count but keep a look out for Device 5, The Bark of the Silent, Quark Zombie, Robot Lenin, The Lioness of Lagos and the Brain Lich.

It's really cool they are letting players add content to the shared world!

Now only if they had some convenient way to digest user written origin stores to the Web so I can read all the ones that others have written. Half the fun of superheroes is the origin stories. I'd like to read what my fellow players have written up and it's always too hard to keep right clicking on players as they dash or fly by.