Epic Fantasy Sculpture Wins Top Prize At World Ice Art Championships

Behold "Fighter," crafted by a team of ice-carving artists (Japan's Junichi Nakamura and Shinichi Sawamura, and the U.S.'s Chan Kitburi and Dean Murray). It took first prize in the multi-block division and a Governor's Award (voted on by event volunteers) at the 2015 World Ice Art Competition.

According to the event website, the Fairbanks, Alaska competition unfolds like so:

Teams are composed of two to four sculptors that often work round the clock to complete their massive piece. Each team is given 10 blocks of ice. Each block measures approximately 4' x 6' x 3'. Artists receive the aid of heavy equipment and skilled operators to lift and position the ice.

The public is invited to watch the artists and to hold its breath as the sculpture pieces are lifted and stacked into place. The sculptures created sometimes attain heights of more than 25 feet.


More photos of how "Fighter"'s man and ice dragon (ICE DRAGON!) were created below; see the whole set (and the other competitors, including this awesome lizard, winner of the single-block division) at the World Ice Art Championships site.


[H/T Laughing Squid]

[Images via the World Ice Art Competition]


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