Environmentalist Wants To Change The Name Of Our Planet To "Eaarth"

Illustration for article titled Environmentalist Wants To Change The Name Of Our Planet To Eaarth

We've done so much damage to the planet, we can't call it "Earth" any more, says environmentalist Bill McKibben. We'll have to start calling our planet "Eaarth" instead. And we have to pronounce it in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

McKibben, whose new book is called Eaarth, explains to the Guardian why he thinks we should change our world's name (although he doesn't explain why we have to say it like Arnie):

There's a slightly science fiction look to it; that's appropriate in the sense it's a little like a science fiction story: we wake up one day and the planet we have been used to for 10,000 years has 5% more moisture in the atmosphere, the sea is turning more acid. The only trouble is it's not fiction... Most of the book is devoted to the question: if we're on a new planet how are we going to live on it? It's a different planet: we'll have to have different habits in order to inhabit it successfully, and some of those will be pretty radical.


And an extra vowel is synonymous with "radical," as everyone knows. [Guardian]

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