Entertainment Tonight Has Figured Out the Secret to Guardians Marketing

It's Avengers comparisons. How could you see Guardians without knowing which one is the Tony Stark? (Spoiler alert: It's Rocket!)

This Entertainment Tonight video is so stupid that I think I love it. Yeah, there's some new stuff here, but the big thing is that they're convinced that they need to explain everything in terms of Avengers.


It's basically saying, "YOU LIKED THE AVENGERS, RIGHT? THIS IS LIKE THAT. OH GOD, PLEASE SEE THIS WEIRD MOVIE." Beyond saying that Peter Quill is like "Captain America with attitude," there's the identification of Gamora as the "strong sexy woman." Which, blech. She could end you in seconds, smarmy narrator. Show some respect.

Finally, in a moment that almost feels like self-awareness, they tell you to "think Robert Downey, Jr.'s Iron Man" for Rocket, and immediately follow it up with Rocket saying, "Ain't no thing like me, 'cept me." I'd say that shows that they know how dumb this conceit is, but I don't actually think they're that aware.

[via Sci Fi Now]


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