You've got one more week to enter io9's contest โ€” cosponsored by geekgasmic site Trek Movie โ€” to create the very best fake footage from the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie. It all got started last week when we stayed up way too late drinking, saw this fake footage (included above) allegedly from the new flick, and thought it might be real. We posted it, Trek Movie laughed at us, and we decided we needed to see some Truly Kickass fake footage. Shit that would fool professionals. Think you can whip up fake Trek footage that looks like it was stolen from J.J. Abrams' secret vault? Enter the contest!

Your footage must be fake, and it must either look incredibly realistic or be so funny that we will forgive you for anything.


Send what you've got to before Saturday, April 5th, midnight Pacific Time.

The winner gets a brilliant box of Star Trek swag courtesy of Trek Movie.

It's almost the weekend, which is when all the good Trek nerds power up their animation software and get down to business. Engage!