Would you please stop trying to tell women that they need to be told they're pretty when they put their glasses on or take them off. This new Cloudy With Meatballs clip is cute, but plays into the stereotype.


Even though my heart melts at the thought of Bill Hader being all sweet, I'm loathed to discover that this animated film adaptation of the classic children's book continues to perpetuate the "girls with glasses need to be told they're pretty" myth. Stop it this instant. Whether they are hiding from their secret inner glasses-wearing selves or a sex kitten that is just a hair toss away from being released, please stop using these cliches. They are old and tired, girls with glasses don't NEED to be told they are pretty spectacles on or off.

BUT that being said I am excited to see Cloudy out in theaters Sept. 18th because I will always love the book.

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