Enjoy Your Morning Coffee While Watching Delighted Nerds Burst Bubbles

This is a fun video, not only because it combines many staples of mesmerizing internet videos – slow motion video, water, electric charge, fire – but because it shows us the scientists reacting to them. I love the group high-fives after they burst a bubble using static electricity.


Now this is charming. There’s just something about the combination of delighted giggles of scientists and the soothing music in the background. And although I am usually not a fan of voice-overs, I have to admit, I enjoy the way this one points out the physical quirks of the bursting bubbles. For example, I wouldn’t have noticed how long the gas-filled bubble took to catch fire if they hadn’t pointed out that it couldn’t combust without exposure to oxygen.

In the end, though, I think it’s the enthusiasm of the people watching that makes the difference, though. So many people play it cool in their internet videos. It’s fun to get the “ooooooooh” in real time as the bubbles explode.


[Source: BYU Splash Lab]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Never try igniting a gas filled balloon at home.

Too late.