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Enjoy Four Elated, Confused, Hesitant, Playful Minutes of Jeff Goldblum Just Making Random Noises

Take a moment to think of a Jeff Goldblum role you absolutely hate. Having a hard time coming up with one? That’s because bad Goldblum performances don’t exist. The man is an intergalactic treasure, and he can even make awkward pauses entertaining, as this four-minute highlight reel of random Goldblum noises proves.


The talented editors behind the YouTube channel Owenergy Studios have done the world a great service with this compilation that collects almost every unintelligible on-screen sound Goldblum has made in a career spanning over 40 years. Now we just need to sit back and wait for someone to remix these all into a killer track.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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Who’d’ve thunk “punk” from the original Death Wish would go on to such heights. Is that Death Wish at ~1:25? ‘Cuz I can’t believe his character would have gone the whold movie without uttering some kind of bizarre non-words.