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The Big Apple has just become even bigger for Apple users. Pastiche allows Mac users to recreate New York through keywords on NY-centric blog searches. The result is disorientatingly stunning. See it in action below.


Pastiche was created by software designer Ivan Safrin and visual artist Christian Marc Schmidt, who explain that it is much more than an animated version of concrete poetry:

Conceptually, Pastiche is a parallel experience of the city, a map that not only documents, but also suggests action. It is a public counterpart to the private physical architecture of the city. Its source an aggregate of individual blogs, Pastiche is a system that anyone has the ability to contribute to. It defines a new kind of public space, while both proposing an experience and inviting comparison-in the process of relating one's own perspective to a larger collective subjectivity, one situates oneself in relation to an impromptu community, formed around the idea of New York.


Mac users can download Pastiche and explore the city themselves here.


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