English-Language Trailer For Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo Surfaces

Matt Damon, Tina Fey, Liam Neeson and a whole host of Hollywood-types lend their voices to the redubbed version of Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo. The aquatic story is loosely based on the original Little Mermaid, but with that jaw-dropping Miyazaki touch.

Ponyo is a little baby goldfish who wants to be human. Soon she gets her wish and heads to the surface to befriend a human boy, but the balance in nature isn't steady. Disney is putting it out in the States, and it'll hit theaters on August 14th 2009. If you liked Miyazaki's Spirited Away, check out Ponyo.


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Exec 1: "Hey, we need some voices for this Miyazaki's latest flick."

Exec 2: "Let's get Liam Neeson, Cate Blanchett and Matt Damon!"

Exec 1: "Oh yes, those voices will make the film so much better."

Exec 2: "True. Now let's finishing smoking our crack."

Exec 1: "Excellent."