Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request by "concerned citizen" Robert Ainsley, the Leicester City Council was forced to concede (by law) that it did not have a zombie survival plan on the books.

After Ainsley asked the Council "what provisions [they] have in place in the event of a zombie invasion," the city government owned up to their own profound negligence. From The Telegraph:

Leicester City Council has 20 working days to answer but its head of information governance, Lynn Wyeth, took to local radio [Thursday] to address the issue.

She said: "We've had a few wacky ones but this one did make us laugh.

"It's one of those questions that you could do a one-liner saying there is nothing specifically in the emergency plan to state a response to a zombie invasion.

"But you could look at it in more depth and say, 'Which parts of the emergency plan could you apply to a zombie invasion?' - as it would have the same impact as perhaps some other disaster or attack."

She told the BBC: "If it's specifically about zombies then I would say, from my recollection of the plan... then unfortunately there's nothing in there... saying how we would respond to zombies."


Woe to be a Leicester City Council member from here on out. Thanks to this story, they'll be fielding incessant questions about manticore, selkie, minotaur, and gelatinous cube contingency plans.