Ender's End Gets Rewritten

Just when you thought that the character was relegated to comic books, Orson Scott Card has written another novel starring Ender Wiggin, telling what happened to the character after Ender's Game... and also during it?

The new novel, Ender In Exile isn't just a sequel to Card's classic novel, according to the author:

Actually, Ender in Exile replaces the final chapter of Ender's Game. The story as it was told in EG was exactly right in its tone and speed. It was denouement, winding down the story and setting up Speaker for the Dead. In fact, it was for that chapter that I rewrote the short story "Ender's Game" in novel form in the first place—so I could show Ender's first personal contact with the hive queen. But that's all that the novel Ender's Game required. Since then, I've grown older and came to feel the need for a new story—the story of the soldiers who survive the war yet could never come home... I finally realized that I wanted to explore Ender's post-war story in far more detail than was possible or appropriate in that last chapter of Ender's Game.


Of course, such rewriting also allows for more spin-off material - In the same interview with Sci Fi Wire, Card talks about the Ender comics, video games and movies that are on the way. Here's hoping that this kind of thing doesn't spread, however; I don't want to see George Lucas decide that Return Of The Jedi should really be three more movies about Vader's redemption.

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