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A record number of 13 astronauts were together on the Space Station this week. The Endeavour shuttle crew is leaving this largest-ever space gathering Friday, but one of their final tasks on the station was a five hour spacewalk today.


The five hour space walk was the fifth for the Endeavour crew, in itself an impressive accomplishment. The five-spacewalk benchmark is one that most shuttle crews don't meet. This spacewalk was a chance for the crew to accomplish a variety of small upkeep and upgrading tasks for the station, including a camera on the porch of a new Japanese space lab.

There have never been as many people gathered together in one place in space as there are now. Seven of the current space station occupants are leaving with Endeavour on Friday, cutting the record-breaking space party short. Here's hoping the future holds a never ending airborne party like the one in Life, the Universe, and Everything, with periodic NASA shuttles delivering guacamole and refreshments every few months.


Endeavour Crew Perform Final Spacewalk [via Discovery]

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