Disney's upcoming live-action version of Beauty and the Beast โ€” following the super-fun live-action Cinderella and the upcoming Jungle Bookโ€” is pretty much nailing its casting. It's doing so well, I'm actually getting anxious that expectations are too high. The latest in perfect casting? Emma Thompson and Kevin Kline.

Joining Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, and Luke Evans as Gaston, Emma Thompson will follow in Angela Lansbury's footsteps as Mrs. Potts โ€” awesome โ€” and Kevin Kline will play Maurice, Belle's father โ€” awesomer. I don't think Emma Watson (full disclosure, I keep writing the wrong Emma's last name in this) is going to have a French accent in the part. And yet, I'm so hoping Kline breaks out a French Kiss-style accent for this:

Also, does this mean Emma Thompson will be sining "Beauty and the Beast"? All signs point to yes, since the film is being scored โ€” as the original was โ€” by Alan Menken, and the cast will perform the original songs as well as some new ones by Menken and Sir Tim Rice.


Along with the casting news, Disney also revealed that film's release date: March 17, 2017.

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