Emma Stone explains how Gwen Stacy's relationship with Spider-Man is "reverse-Oedipal"

What's it like dating a masked avenger? Does Gwen know that her beloved Peter Parker is actually the web-slinging superhero Spider-Man? We asked Emma Stone about dating the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and being torn between her boyfriend and her dad. And we talked to director Marc Webb on making the movie he wants versus the movie fans expect.


How does the science of Dr. Curt Connors change the world that Peter Parker lives in?

Marc Webb: You'll have to see the movie to find that out. But there's an equation of great value in the context of the story. You'll find out more soon in the coming weeks and months.

Emma Stone: Hint: It's e=mc².

What should we be looking out for in terms of the relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen's parents?

Emma Stone: Peter Parker's relationship with Gwen's parents? Well that's an interesting dynamic. Not so much as his relationship with Gwen's mother as with Gwen's father, who is the Police Chief. In our version of the story, Gwen knows that Peter's Spider-Man and she's his confidant. And so she's aware that her father is leading the task force against Spider-Man, and that her boyfriend is in fact Spider-Man. So that creates a really interesting conflict for her and for Peter.

It's also funny that she's drawn to a guy that's in the face of death all the time, just like her father. Which has been the bane of her existence existence since she was a child. But, reverse Oedipal I guess.


How do you balance making the movie you want to make with the movie fans expect?

Marc Webb: Well I think it's really important to honor the iconography of Spider-Man. The very things that they're attracted to is the same thing we're attracted to. It's not really an exchange there, they're not opposing or mutually exclusive. Because first and foremost I'm, at least, a fan, so I want to satisfy all those things. But you also want to write something new and something people haven't seen before, that was the real challenge.




I take this to mean we'll see some eye-gouging on the part of Gwen.