Emma Stone and Jonah Hill Have a Cosmic Connection In a New Look at Netflix's Maniac

Emma Stone is looking for help, and finding love, in Maniac.
Emma Stone is looking for help, and finding love, in Maniac.
Photo: Netflix

We’re just about a week out from the release of Netflix’s highly-anticipated sci-fi miniseries Maniac and the latest trailer highlights the incredible variety the show is going to have.


From the mind of Cary Fukunaga, Maniac stars Oscar-winner Emma Stone and Oscar-nominee Jonah Hill as two people whose search for a cure to their depression in the future opens up a path to a curious kind of love.

The events here are described by Netflix as a “mysterious pharmaceutical trial,” and it’s interesting to get a glimpse at how that is going to work. Are these characters entering new worlds? Fantasies? Obviously, from the different styles and settings, this isn’t all a very real place and the previous trailers have only teased how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The possibilities seem endless and in the hands of Fukunaga, that’s incredibly exciting.

Maniac debuts on Netflix September 21.

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