Eminem Vs. Facehuggers — Who Would You Root For?

Looks like the real Slim Shady is taking his science-fiction spoofs to the big screen — when a gimmick works, it works... we guess. Eminem's full-length science-fiction film, Shady Talez, will riff on Ridley Scott's Alien.

Screen Daily is reporting that Eminem will be starring in an original movie, being described as a blend of Twilight Zone and Creepshow. And according to some reports, the movie's episodic stories will riff on Christine, Aliens, and The Lost Boys, with Eminem putting his own "spin" on them.


Shady Talez will be in 3D and is currently being produced by I, Robot producer John Davis and Dallas Jackson. The only other bit of news we can find is that the angry kid from Role Models, Bobb'e J Thompson is attached to the movie and that it will be inspiring a four-issue comic from Marvel.

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