Captain America's Bucky and Cap may be cast. But who is going to play Steve Rogers' love interest, Peggy Carter? The best candidate, Emily Blunt, passed on the role, so who does that leave?

According to The LA Times, is reporting that Marvel was heavily courting Emily Blunt for the role of Rogers' girlfriend, hoping that Blunt would add a bit of acting credibility to the cast. But alas, she has passed.


The remaining actresses, leaked by Deadline, are rumored to be Keira Knightley and Alice Eve. Both nice actresses, but no Emily Blunt. Will this rejection send Marvel back into the casting pool? We'll have to wait and see.

Peggy's a freedom fighter with the French Resistance who fights next to Captain America during World War II, and then fell in love with him. Alas, their love isn't meant to be, because they're separated when Cap disappears, frozen in ice, only to be defrosted many years later.

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