Ember's Train In Vain To San Diego

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Going to the San Diego Comic-Con next month? You're not the only ones - we'll be there for the whole five-day geek bacchanalia - but if you're wondering what the most ridiculous mode of transport you could take to get there would be, movie producers Walden Media have that covered: They're recreating the mythical city from their latest movie, City of Ember, on a train traveling to the con.


The PR stunt - advertising new Bill Murray vehicle City of Ember - will transform a two-car train for a special 150 minute trip to the convention on July 23rd, bringing in set designers to dress the cars with props, costumes and creators from the movie. Walden President of Marketing Jeffrey Godsick explains why such the producers are willing to take it to the rails to make people aware of his film:

We could certainly assemble a panel and present some footage, but then it will be one of 50 other films that they would see that day... that's really not the proper platform to immerse someone in the mythologies of 'City of Ember.'


Of course, if they did put together a panel, it'll allow more people to see the previews - This magical mystery tour is only open to 25 members of the press, making sure that whatever buzz that the train ride generates will have been filtered through some of the most cynical lenses available, letting you happily know how crappy everything was.

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Interesting...the [adamaforpresident.org] committee is actually taking the train to the Con too...see you all there!