Email Spam Is Destroying The Earth

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You may hate spam because it clutters up your email, wastes your time and teases you with talk of Nigerian princes offering to enlarge your penis. But did you know it's killing the environment, too?

According to a recent study by computer security firm McAfee, the amount of spam emails sent last year (62 trillion) created the same amount of carbon emissions as 2 billion gallons of petrol burnt in a car engine. Overall, the amount of energy expended in the creation, transmission and processing of spam for last year is equivalent to the energy usage of more than 2 million typical homes. Unsurprisingly, McAfee took this opportunity to position themselves as defenders of the environment, as SVP of Product Development Jeff Green explains:

Stopping spam at its source, as well investing in filtering technology, will save time and money, and will pay dividends to the planet by reducing carbon emissions as well.


In related news, each employee of McAfee has personally sworn to save one endangered species a year for as long as they're with the company.

Spam tramples environment with huge carbon footprint [New Scientist]

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"Or is there just enough gullible people out there to make the whole thing profitable?"

Yes. It only takes 1/100,000 or even 1/10,00,000 for it to be worth it for them.

Heres my advice to everyone that wants to have fun and help stop spam;

Email them back.

Get a spare email address and pretend your geniunely interested. Pretend like your that ultra-rare gullible fool they have been looking for.

Waste their time.

Waste it as much as possible.

Spam only works because its automated, the more you can waste their time the better. (especialy if the majority of emails back they get are time-wasters too)

Spammers are incredibly gullible, it isnt hard to trick them.

Personaly, I got one of them to make a fake death certificate to proove that someone was really dead.

I got another one to send me a photo of the cheeque (for the money they were going to give me).

Waste their time, have fun.

Sure, your adding an email yourself to the mix, but, imho, your easily compansating by reduceing the incentive for them to spam.