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J.J. Abrams' first Trek movie was released in 2009, and the sequel is only coming out this summer. And now that Hollywood's foremost nerd director has taken on the next Star Wars movie, there's no telling when we might see another Trek. Until now!

Producer Bryan Burk says the third movie might come out a whole lot earlier than we ever imagined, to tie in with Trek's 50th anniversary, approaching in 2016! Burk told Digital Spy:

Digital Spy: Given that the Gene Roddenberry series debuted in 1966 and we’ve just had a huge Bond 50-year anniversary celebration – has Paramount been talking to you about making a 2016 release date for the next Star Trek film?

Bryan Burk: We’re definitely talking about the next one, but we haven’t talked about a release date. We don’t want to wait four years, the same amount of time between the last one and this one, but it’s going to be a big year to celebrate, hopefully.


So what he's saying is, we should really start planning our rager Trek Anniversary Party now.

[via Trek Movie]

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