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Good news, everybody! In one of the very few positive things that have happened for the American anime industry over the last five or so years, the Evangelion 1.11 movie will be airing this upcoming Sunday (March 17th) as part of "Toonami's Birthday Party." And that's not all, because all-new episodes of One Piece will rejoin the Toonami block later this year!


So even after the Evangelion movie, Toonami will be airing uncut episodes of Naruto, new episodes of Bleach, new episodes of Soul Eater, and new-to-TV-and-unbutchered-by-4Kids episodes of One Piece (I'll bet my bottom dollar they start at Water 7). That's a pretty solid line-up; definitely the strongest its been since Toonami's heyday in the early '00s. I can't go as far as to say it's suddenly a good time to be an American anime fan, but it's definitely a less bad time to be an American anime fan, thanks to these announcements.

[Via Anime News Network]


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