Fun times were had at the old house of horrors last night. All the monsters' parts were falling off so it was up to the wolves to save the day. But what horrors would our little supernaturals have to ingest to stave off their inner beasts?

Long story short, werewolf blood cures the vampire flu. Aidan fell ill; no one thought he would die because LOOK AT HIM. But after spewing blood from all orifices, he was cured! Vampire flu plot line over. The second Aidan told red-head vampire the cure we all knew friendly veggie werewolf was dead-zo right? Of course right. We also got a historical vampire haircut that showed us Aidan's old timey wifey. At first, we thought they might be brother and sister, because twist. But then they had sex, so no. At least we hope not. Either way she looks nice; too bad for Aidan. Honestly, we really couldn't drum up a ton of excitement for this reveal because meanwhile, Sally was standing in front of a pet store drooling.

We already knew that Sally would need to eat cats and such to keep her rotting hide in tip-top shape. However, we didn't know that this cat feast would turn into a cat craving. Her other zombie buddy is already trying to eat his girlfriend. Doesn't look good for Sally. Sorry, keeping this short because we don't really have that much to say about this particular episode besides, *thumbs up*


Leftover queries:

What bigger-than-a-breadbox animal will Sally eat first?

What has baby zombie been feeding on while on the road, drifters?

Wouldn't be great if there was a NEW Subaru commercial next week and in the end, Aidan popped up, ripped off all their heads and screamed WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS, SUBARUUUUUUUUUU!