Elliot Finally Faces His True Enemy in the New Teaser for Mr. Robot's Last Season

The Dark Army takes Elliot to their leader.
The Dark Army takes Elliot to their leader.
Image: USA

As Mr. Robot draws to its final end, it’s time for Elliot to have a real showdown with the leader of the Dark Army.


USA has dropped a new teaser for Mr. Robot’s fourth and final season, which sees Elliot and fsociety take the fight to the Chinese hacker group that was once a potential ally in their fight against E Corp. Now with B.D. Wong’s mysterious Whiterose making her own moves, Elliot and his allies find themselves watched and hunted...until Elliot and Whiterose have the chance to sit down and talk one on one.

Or at least this trailer makes it seems like they do. You never know with Mr. Robot!

Given Elliot’s ongoing struggles between discerning what’s real and what’s imagined, there’s plenty of intriguing flashes in this new teaser as Whiterose starts operating more openly that have us questioning what’s really going on. But, given how close we are to the end of all this conspiratorial hacking in the first place, seeing these two finally come to ahead wouldn’t be all that surprising.

Mr. Robot returns one last time starting October 6.

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