Ellen Page Teams Up With Ghost Cat For Great Justice

You're statutorily required to love Ghost Cat, the Animal Planet TV movie starring Ellen "Juno" Page. The evil Boyd is trying to asphyxiate all the barn animals so Brenda will have to sell her farm. Ghost cat to the rescue!

Ghost Cat is just one of those movies that's too bizarrely cute not to love. Ellen Page is adjusting to life in a small town and dealing with the death of her mom. And then every 15 or 20 minutes, the ghost of the dead cat Margaret has to intervene in the plot somehow — by alerting people to danger, by scratching the faces of bad guys, or by knocking over catfood to reveal a long-forgotten secret. The climax, in which the ghost cat takes out both bad guys by crashing their car, is really amazing stuff. The epic comes out on DVD later this month.


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OK, I was sold by the ghost-cat-cam.