Eli Roth teaches us how to direct a bloody massacre for Hemlock Grove

Check out a bad-ass behind-the-scenes clip of Eli Roth explaining the "Anatomy of a Kill Scene" on his new werewolf series Hemlock Grove.

Roth's behind-the-scenes videos are sometimes the best part of his pictures. The director is completely honest, and has no problem sharing what he's learned with his audience (seriously, check out the DVD extras on Hostel). And thankfully he's continuing this transparency on Hemlock Grove, watch as he runs through shooting a murder scene — including the end result.

Hemlock Grove is on Netflix, right now!

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Cat VonAwesome

I'm almost through Hemlock Grove but totally spoiled myself for the end on purpose because I wasn't sure I could finish it. Eli Roth's name was part of why I started watching but it is so, so, so very bad.

I'd really like to watch this video anyway because I do love the process but apparently IT guy has blocked videos now. *sigh*