Eli Roth Readies Yet Another Alien Invasion Flick

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Is Eli Roth turning alien invasion graphic novel El Eternauta into a film? The new description of his next alien film leads us to believe it may be heavily inspired by the Argentinian comic. But if not, we're still excited.


According to ShockTillYouDrop Summit Entertainment has acquired Ben Magid's spec script Invasion which starts off with like this:

The film opens with a wicked subway accident in Los Angeles in which the survivors (the film's protagonists) climb from the wreckage to find the, now "snowy," city in ruins. What they encounter topside is bodies, mobs of people in a state of panic and acidic "goo."


So, not entirely like Héctor Germán Oesterheld's El Eternauta, but similar. Let's hope that if it is inspired they will take a page from the heroes' scrappy resourcefulness and engineer a scuba suit hero!

Eli Roth and Eric Newman are producing the project, which will be Roth's second alien film, if the rumors about his next movie Endangered Species are correct.

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I think I'll avoid letting this dude take a baseball bat to my head with another movie.