Sick of waiting around for the Warner Brothers ElfQuest movie? Wait no longer — a band of gorgeous ElfQuest fanatics (and webseries stars) have made their own ElfQuest trailer. Watch the teaser and see Nightfall and Timmain in the flesh!


Approved by the comics creators Richard and Wendy Pini, this crowdfunded fan trailer project aims to "create new fans and give existing ones a taste of the world we've loved for so long." And they're right: This generation needs to be reintroduced to the world with two moons, and the scantily clad heroines who inhabit it!

Created by Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes, the trailer promises to be packed with a few familiar webseries faces — including Jessica Rose (lonelygirl15). For the full cast and lots of lovely elf lady photos hit up the Elf Quest Fan Trailer website. Also most of the ElfQuest comics are available on the comic's website, so if you're unfamiliar (or looking for a blast from the past) check it out. WARNING: Website makes wolf howl upon opening.

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